You've made it to my server's shop! Here you can buy ranks to give you access to worlds and commands that you wouldn't normally have. All money from these purchases goes towards the server itself.

If you're not from my twitch, find me here. - https://www.twitch.tv/jonahwill 

I hope you enjoy searching for your perfect rank and have more fun with it if you get one. They will be getting constantly updated and upgraded so they WILL GET BETTER!

If you already have a rank and are wanting an upgrade, buy the same rank you have again to go a tier up. If you want to go up further, ask Jonah.

Keep updated on my discord server if you're not there already... :) - https://discord.gg/GKHFEcX


No refunds are on offer to anybody. We have seller protection, therefore if you buy a rank, you will not be able to chargeback. Also, if you break any server rules you will be given warnings until you get temp banned and demoted. These demotions do no grant you access to any refunds either. If you break the rules, you must suffer the consequences...